Fall/Winter 2017

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Volume 19 issue 2

Sally Albiso
In the Mouth of the Released
Buzz Alexander
I am
Jeffrey Alfier
Climber’s Log for Fissure Peak, Mule Pass Mountains
Tobi Alfier
Three-Layer Redemption and Lemon Cake
Diana Anhalt
Peggy Aylsworth
Diverse Excursions
Judy Bertelsen
Aqua Vitae
Scott Blackwell
It’s Nice
Anthony Botti
Gin Rummy
Lesson in Bird Watching
Hannah Carr-Murphy
Fourth Grade: Images of Greatness
Rick Christman
Boats on the Water
Joanne Clarkson
Stephanie Kaplan Cohen
A Proper Lady
We All Got Tickets to the Truth
Brendan Cooney
Dreading Humans and Their Machines, I Jump into a Ditch at the Approach of a Car, Keeping Upright My Bowl of Pasta
Barbara Daniels
Old Route 70
Holly Day
Fourth of July
Matthew Duffus
Poem in Which a Red Hot Chili Peppers Song Leads Me to Contemplate Life
Bad Behavior
James Fowler
Bill Freedman
Drinking the Sea
Doing the Mile
Carol Frith
The Last Form
I channel pelargoniums,
Bill Garten
After Dinner
Michael Goldman
Samina Hadi-Tabassum
Jovan Musk Oil
Michael Hardcastle
There Are No Foxes in Atheist Holes
Benjamin Harnett
Elise Hempel
Almost 84
Elizabeth Carothers Herron
North Dakota, 1934
Lynn Hoggard
Mother Nature’s Nature
Maisie Houghton
Love poem
Joshua Huber
A.J. Huffman
Emperor of Stone
Jacqueline Jules
In the Jamaican Forest
Kristin LaFollette
Charlene Langfur
It’s All About Comfort in the End
Gary Lark
Second Week of School
Carl Mayfield
Thinking of a Dead Friend
Jenny McBride
Birch Pancakes
Mary McKeel
Keith Moul
What Spirit Tells Me
Martina Reisz Newberry
Korkut Onaran
Of Water
Of the Bomb that Killed the Most Since the Start of the Occupation
Beth Paulson
Snow Work
Kathleen M. Quinlan
Mon Amour
Elizabeth Rees
Believe Me,
Bria Rivet
Late Night, Weighted
Peter Sagnella
A Pumpkin
Michael Salcman
Getting Older
James Scruton
Adult Swim
For My Daughter in Law School
Jan Shoemaker
Martha Strom
Staying Out of the Hospital
Heather Sullivan
Claim Me
Lisa Sullivan
Charles Swanson
Oakes Memorial & Signs—Monument Makers
I measure sanity
J. Tarwood
Some Time Ago
Psyche North Torok
The Shrew Gone Feral
Sharon Tracey
Clothesline: Idomeni Camp in Greece
Robert Tremmel
Remembering Him
Mitchell Untch
Blake Ward
Saint Mary the Flower
Allison Whittenberg
Last Act
Helen Wickes
Homage to My Elegant Old Pal, Again
Paul Yager
I, Living Close to the Edge
Life as Movie
Andrena Zawinski


Leslie Lindsay
Pretentious Backside: A Story of an Abandoned House
Karen Weyant
The Dissection