Spring/Summer 2014

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Volume 16 issue 1

Marlk L. Beggs
Arkansas at Dusk
James Bettendorf
Josh A. Brewer
African Pompano
Bill Brown
Kathy Butterworth
Sky Out of Hiding
Artist Who Paints Skies
Tom Chandler
Niaux Cave Paintings
Mary Crow
In My Beginning
Jesse Curran
Daniel Daly
Tangier Tuck and Go
Nicole DiCello
Ode to the Dreamworld
Alanna Flood
The Casket Egg
Jennifer L. Freed
In Another World
D. Dina Friedman
The Wolf in the Suitcase
Ben Gunsberg
One Lousy Enemy
Welcome, Dangerous life
J. Todd Hawkins
Leaving Lima
Ivan Hobson
The Fair.
Rebekkah Keaton
Months After
The Rim
Sandra Kolankiewicz
The Identified Client
Kirston Koths
The Davy Crockett Outfit
Robert La Fleur
Fear of Fishing
Michael Lauchlan
What’s About to Be
Sean Lause
Find the Object
Sherilyn Lee
It’s About to Get Real at the Waffle House
Judith Ann Levison
Beautiful Fur Coats
Pirate Ship Ring
Cynthia Chadwick Linkas
Closing Rockledge in the Fall
Lily Iona Mackenzie
Susan Hazel Maurer
Jellyfish: Falling Asleep
Kevin Patrick McCarthy
Write a Fountain
Old Dogs in Snow
Sandy McCord
Jenny Morse
Anne Mullin
Against Time
Kristine Ong Muslim
The Curfew
Gay Paluch
After a Blast in Bangkok, Valentine’s Day
For Sally Ann
Janet Parlato
Firing Process
Fredda Pearlson
the body electric (heart sounds)
Irena Praitis
Body Box Detail
Walked on
Sean Prentiss
Before Dawn
John Repp
A Report
Leonard Roller
The Lathe
Barbara Sabol
Solitary Spin
Understanding the Laws of Motion
Frank Salvidio
Ellen Sazzman
Before the Unique Thrift Shop Is Torn Down
Carol Smallwood
Ode to Windy Days
Ellen Steinbaum
The Dutch Still Life Bouquets
Eilish Thompson
Military Girlfriend
Von Thompson
Depression Story
Robert Walicki
Marty Walsh
The Muse
Neil Whitman
First Sign of Trouble
Gerard Zipper
Rarified Mountain

Poetry Contest Winners

Gabrielle Burton [1st Place]
Why is Not the Question
Cary Waterman [2nd Place]
Carol Frith [3rd Place]
Pinnacle of Joy
Laverne Frith [Honorable Mention]
An Ode to Ferns
Gunilla Norris [Honorable Mention]
Wedding Two Places