Fall/Winter 2014

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Volume 16 issue 2

William Barnhart
To the Third Letter
The Poppies
Kaye Bartholomew
Life Everlasting
Sylvia Beaupre
Guy Beining
felt tongue     479
Gabriella Belfiglio
The Courage to Die Continually
Henri Bensussen
Summer Nights
Remica L. Bingham-Risher
Young, small, and growing, often violently
Susan Boehm
My Brother
Jennifer Bradpiece
The Archivists
Sean Brendan-Brown
Winter Monody
No Stopping Any Time
John Brugaletta
Mountaineering by Candlelight
June Calender
Sun Flares
The Insomniac and the Man in the Moon
Maura Cavell
Left Out in the Cold Too Long
Robert Cooperman
The Rabbi’s Son
All of Us Laughing
Jim Davis
Miasma Theory
Wednesday Workshop
Kenneth DiMaggio
Poem from A Haunted New England Landscape (Museum)
Deborah H. Doolittle
Passages of the Moon
Like Bonnie and Clyde
George Drew
Cutting across the Salem Common
A Certain Beatific Light
Sarah Feldman
Zeroes and Ones
Clifford Paul Fetter
Nureyev Free 1961
Brett Foster
Approaching York: Cancer Celebrity Prediction
Bill Glose
City of Birth and Death
Grace Marie Grafton
Ladder (8)
Brenda Graham
The Hunter
A Nest of Stars
At a Dark Sky Party
Juliana Gray
The Astronomer’s Widow
Ruth D. Handel
Physics Test
Mary Barbara Hess
Paul Hostovsky
Marilyn E. Johnston
Venus, Setting
Eveline Kanes
Freud’s Sofa
Diane Kendig
To Anne Sexton, His Mistress,on His Return
Lost in the Night Sky
Tyler Kline
Winter in Newark
John P. Kristofco
Joel Kuper
Daniel Langton
A Burnt Offering
Lyn Lifshin
May 28, the Day We Always Thought Was My Mother’s Birthday
She Became “Catechetic”
Roberta Marggraff
Listening to Bob Dylan in the Rain
Fran Markover
Inner Space
Enhanced Stars
Fred Muratori
P. A. Patton
The Final Frontier
Mary Bass Poulin
How Poetry Moves I
Christine Anne Pratt
A Wandering Star, Now Fixed
Donna Pucciani
With You
Zara Raab
Hang Gliders
Kay Retzlaff
How to Make a Black Hole
Andy Roberts
The Green World
Weldon Sandusky
The Hollywood Bowl
Rikki Santer
Star Virus
Marian Kaplun Shapiro
d.n. simmers
Life Breaking
Warren Slesinger
A Man at Fifty
Laurence Snydal
The Fall of Icarus after Pieter Breuge
Anique Taylor
The Fragmented Path
Colette Tennant
Reading with a Poet Who Was Also Given Up for Adoption
Teisha Dawn Twomey
Ninety-Eight Percent of the Universe Is Invisible
The Tyrant
Self-Portrait at Age Seventy-Nine
Susan Waters
Daniel Williams
Johnny B. Goode
Wendy Patrice Williams
Women of Starlight
Robert Wooten
Ellen Roberts Young
In the Cosmic Dump