Spring/Summer 2013

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Volume 15 Issue 1

Corinne Elysse Adams
Sy Margaret Baldwin
A Short Story
Christopher Barnes
Filming Blood Shot Silk– Deleted Scene (8)
Seth Benton
John F. Buckley
Kenneth DiMaggio
Our Lady of Fatima Festival, Ludlow Massachusetts, 2012
Colin Dodds
An Hour After Saying “I Love You”
John Driscoll
The Fifth Floor
Debra Gingerich
During The Oil Spill, May 21, 2010
Jonathan Greenhause
A Simple Poem
Janet Hagelgans
Barbequed Chickens
Doris Henderson
Mr. Morrisey’s Distress
Ivan Hobson
At the Kitchen Table
Thomas Alan Holmes
Because Cucumbers
Marilyn E Johnston
Love Sentence
At Starbucks
dave kelly
Archaeologies: A Subtext
Erren Geraud Kelly
On the Bus
Pamela Koskey
The Search
Meredith Kunsa
Through the Glass
Mitch LesCarbeau
Waiting for the Terrorists
Roberta Magraff
Second Opinion
Fred Melton
The Other Hippocrates
Pat Mottola
Dear Doug
Kelly Nelson
Word Count
Rebecca Hart Olander
Ralph Pennel
So Much Good Weather
Why Have I Not Written Back Before Now, at the Welcome Approach of Spring
Richard King Perkins II
Bouvet island
Tom Pescatore
I swear it
Dave Reddall
A Friend Had Loaned Me
Andy Roberts
It’s Raining at the Birthplace of Ulysses S. Grant
In Flame
Matt Rossi
A Flight of Birds Over Water
Susan Sanders
After Suicide
Kate E. Schultz
Dead Mouse
Marian Kaplun Shapiro
Going In
Marc Swan
Ola Topczewska
The Glassroom
Barret Warner
The Feature Race
Florence Weinberger
The Problem
Neil Whitman
No Relief in Sight: Walter Sickert’s Painting, Ennui
James K. Zimmerman
On Your First Week in Brooklyn

Poetry Contest Winners

Eve Forti [1st Place]
Marc Wagenaar [2nd Place]
Sonopuncture [2nd Place Poetry Contest]
Laverne Frith [3rd Place]
Mother, The Day Long
Carol Frith [Honorable Mention]
Where Do The Stories Come From?
Judith Hemschemeyer [Honorable Mention]
My Mother’s yearbook
Steve Lautermilch [Honorable Mention]
Joseph Vass [Honorable Mention]