Fall/Winter 2013

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Volume 15 Issue 2

Jeffrey Alfier
East Village Winter
Peggy Aylsworth
Telling It, More or Less
Kaye Bartholomew
Rotary Telephones
Noah Bennet
Barry Benson
Villa Nelle Cemetery Plot Homonyms: A Magazine Found in Every Rifle
Stan Lee Brooks
Michael Casey
phone pause
Martha Christina
Room B
Elsa Colligan
Old Wars
Robert Cooperman
After the Fight
Phillip Dacey
Seamus Heaney: Cento Sonnet
The Lake Holds Its Breath
Susan Florence
Where Bach Takes Me: Concerto #5
John Grey
To a Stranger Who Stops to Speak to Me
Melissa Hazelwood
The People Next Door
Kathleen Hellen
Marilyn Johnston
Backwards Way Forward
John P. Kristofco
Too Many Words
Charlene Langfur
Early Morning Rise
Ann Lauinger
Metaphysician, Mopping
The Theater Is Glass
Peter Ludwin
Sarah Hulyk Maxwell
When the struggles are simpler tasks
Sjohnna McCray
Agnostic Front
Something Wicked
Mary Ann Meade
At Fourth and Main
Elvina Rose Meyer
Third Grade Engagement
Joyce Meyers
Night Vision
John N. Miller
Craving the Evil Weed
Bruce Parker
Shift Colors
Stephen Reilly
In Light Blues
On the Day of His Memorial
Robin Shectman Richstone
The Cat at Christmas
How Winter Turns Out
Keeping Track
Stephen R. Roberts
Isle of Thumbs
Shae Savoy
An Origin
Ode to Citrus
Carla Schwartz
Show Me the Tissues
Claudette Mork Sigg
Midnight Rising
Warren Slesinger
Ruth Smullin
Meteor Shower: November
John Solensten
They Kept a Cold House
Matthew J. Spireng
Gannet with Lure
Coleman Stevenson
Breakfast, No. 95
Arlene Stone
Punishment Without a Crime
Martha Strom
Iron River Blues
Aden Thomas
Our Dismal Science
Rodney Torreson
Two Sisters
Dennis Trudell
Five Words
Lillo Way
Celestial Fantasy for Dr. Alzheimer
New Poem, I Love You
Daniel Williams
Dreams with Bears
John Sibley Williams
Casual Rust
Marilyn Marquez [Non-Fiction Spotlight]
Dr. V