Fall/Winter 1999

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Volume 1 Issue 2
Eileen Abrizio
Expecting Depression
Something for Florence
Steve Straight
Rennie McQuilkin
Human Condition
Susan Finnegan
Guava, Exes
James Rich
A Drafted Doctor’s Son
Vera Schwarcz
Almost Asleep
Elizabeth Thomas
Ebb Tide
John Sheirer
various untitled haiku, senryu, and tanka
Charles Darling
On the Morning of the Bridal Shower I am Sent to Get Balloons
Three Months, She Tells Him
Connie Albrizio
Wish I was a Poet
Claire Roof
Put your head up Emily
Emily Walpole
Other People’s Pictures
Lisa Sornberger
Seven Edible Moons
Cumberland Island
Edmond Chibeau
Gabrielle Moss-Molerio
Sick, sick, sick
Kate Foran
Flower Girl
Alexander Taylor
Love is Not the Glad Eye
Across the Grand Canyon
Linda Porter
Kathleen Christopher
Spiders, Ants, and Sunlight
Edith Hayes Spencer
Sunstruck Elegy