Fall/Winter 2000

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Volume 2 Issue 2
Elaine Morgan
Louis Phillips
Even Sleep Takes Us Upward
Victoria Rivas
Virgil Suarez
For My Uncle Who Wept Every Time He Sliced a Papaya in Half
Louis Morris Cyr
Bike Ride
Robert Schuler
making Ikons, late Fall and early Winter
Vera Schwarcz
The White Line
Joyce Stashenko
Terrible Miracles
Elissa Barmack
My Father’s Music
Zan Bockes
Others, Thinking of You
Derek Kannemeyer
The Older Boy
Theodore Deppe
Great Egrets
Saturday Night Live
Gary Metras
The State Hospital
Alison Meyers
Daily News
Simon Perchik
B.Z. Niditch
One More Day
Jeremy Ward
(and occasional gear of the past)
Joan Ellen Ketrys
Breach Birth
Barbara A. Rouillard
Terri D. Klein
And Then, Out of Nowhere
Philip Kobylarz
no angels
Katharine Carle
All Hallows
John Surowiecki
Rumcake and Cookies at Mozzicato’s
John Grey
Lake Thaw
Martin Galvin
Wood Thrush