Fall/Winter 2001

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Volume 3 Issue 2
Kevin Carey
Seeing Sounds
Michael Tritto
Skies We Know
Dominic Jarrett
Sun Spot
Iris Gomez
Lost Horse Plateau
Andrea Bates
Asking Anna
Johanna Klotz
Betty L.M. Greenberg
Black and White Photo of My Parents, 1934
Jackie Bartley
The Crossing
Katherine Stevens
Munch’s The Scream
Michael Sweeney
Last Poem for Robert
Vera Schwarcz
Back When Time Had No Beard
Dorothy D. Davis
Leaving Suburbia: Retrieval
Joanne Lowery
Fruits of Memory: Pear
Dorothy K. Fletcher
Gather Ye Rosebuds
Maureen Ott Trainor
Baroque Breakfast
Deanne Bayer
Sarah Brown Weitzman
Ash Wednesday
Kenneth Ellsworth
Three Matchbooks
Anne E. Mullin
Maggie Crowley
Poem for Georgia O’Keefe
Christine Gallagher
The Jeweled Girl’s Farewell
Mimmo Iasiello
Katharine Carle
In the Cellar that Night
R.S. Carlson
On the House
Leone Scanlon
On Cleaning Day
Laura Reese
Linda Porter
Dennis Saleh
Paul Grant
Alice Ahrens Williams
The Deer
Gary Hanna
R.T. Castleberry
A Great Long Story (to Tell)
Lucille G. Shulklapper
First Frost
Corrine De Winter
The First Snow
Lila Zeiger
Ice Storm
Shana Ritter
Crossing Antarctica
James Doyle
Ice Skating
Lyn Lifshin
Blue He Said Is the Color of Chill
John Grey
Soup Line in Winter
Gary Metras
Adding Color to Winter