Fall/Winter 2006

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Volume 8 Issue 2
Martin Galvin
Aioi Bridge, Hiroshima, 1984
Maureen Tolman Flannery
The Moral Disorder
Steffen Horstmann
Ghazal of the Twin Comets
John Davis
Minor League Ball
Barbara Holder
The Treadmill
Laurence Snydal
Mark Aiello
Skipping Stones
Nick Conrad
Winter Solstice
Wally Swist
The Kingdom of Heaven
Patty Dickson Pieczka
Corrine DeWinter
Wisdom, Fluttering
Catherine McCraw
Sinking into Middle Age
Natalia Zaretsky
Keeper of the Past
Maureen Tolman Flannery
Full Pockets
Jack Conway
Ham & Eggs
Anne Higgins
Me and My Shadow
Vera Schwarcz
Lily of Sharon
Thomas Robert Barnes
The Dam At Enfield
Mark Aiello
Two Black Boots
Noel Conneely
Kay Meier
The Hotel Palmilla
Stephen Malin
Rowhouse January
Vera Schwarcz
In Answer
Steve Light
For My Father
Claudette Mork Sigg
Daily Exercise
Steve Light
Love Poem
Michael Minassian
Fragment of Angels
Jean Hallingstad
An Expenditure of Spirit
Maria Banus
Larry Crist
Ruben T. Abeyta
northern new mexico
Henri Rousseau
The Dream (1910)
Kay Meier
Song for My Father
James Doyle
The Annunciation
Michael Minassian
Winter at Sea Level
Jeanne Larsen
The Garden of Rhapsodies Dies
Parker Towle
One Spring Day