Fall/Winter 2010

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Volume 12 Issue 2
Doug Bolling
Canvas, The Maker
Sheryl W. Woods
Two Seeds
Joyce Meyers
Flesh and Stone
Dorothy Mullen
Ulys H. Yates
Martha Christina
The ABCs of Disaster
Jeff Saperstein
Objects in Mirror
Barbara A. Lawrence
For the Sake of the Children
Vera Schwarcz
To Sound the Bell of Recollection
John Grey
Rebecca Beardsall
Shirley’s Midnight Walk
Sharon Doyle
Christina’s World
Pat Hale
Stephanie Gray
Everyone Can’t be Saved
Charlotte Walsh
Coney Island
James Doyle
The Whales Go Out To Sea
Kathleen M. McCann
The Sea’s Rosary
Jean Tucker
Man Tying His Shoe
Karla Linn Merrifleld
Parting Word
Simon Perchik
Gary Hanna
Mary Mercier
Morning Light
Don Thackrey
Night School with Coyotes
Paul David Colgin
Once Cat
John Tustin
Marion Kaplun Shipiro
Birdseye View
Mary Mercier
Bird Sister
Stephanie Gray
The Porch Dove
Gary Hanna
Jim Scutti
Great Blue Heron
Laura Rodley
Great Blue
Rebecca Beardsall
New World
James Doyle
Trading Post on the Santa Fe Trail
June Frankland Baker
Michael Estabrook
Forgiving Us Still
Marilyn E. Johnson
Ellen Roberts Young
It’s Green, They Say
Christine Graf
My Color Proverbs
Wally Swist
The Ascent
Arthur Winfield Knight
Sleep Comes Hard
H. Edgar Hix
Breaking Points
Sheryl L. Nelms
Oak Shinnery
Ronnie Hess
The Last Fruits of Summer Closing
Rachel Goldstein
On a Snowy Day My Sister Knits a Sweater
Becky D. Sakellariou
December 9 2009
Zara Raab
Take the Cake
D.N. Baldwin
Albert Cuyp Market, Amsterdam
Jean McCann
Athens Central Market, June 12, 9 a.m.
Ulys H. Yates
Miss Cummings
Kaye Bartholomew
We Didn’t Talk Much
Stephen Malin
Uncle Charlie
Kaye Bartholomew
The Neighbors
Curtis Perdue
To Those Who Live There Now
Joanne Lowery
Diane Webster
Abandoned Cane
Joan McMillan
My Father at Seventy
Chris Abbate
The Feeling of Snow
Taj Jackson
J. Richard McLaughlin
My Grandfather
Patrice M. Wilson
Grandfather’s Handkerchief
Joyce Meyers
Nursing home
Jim Scutti
At the Abbott’s Frozen Custard Stand
J. Richard McLaughlin
The Sax Player
Tara Nicole
A Capppella
Rachel Goldstein
The Wings of Summer Close
Martha Christina
Scene In An Unnamed Film
Robert Wooten
An Employee Error
Dolores Lawler
Stroll Into The Painting
Gary Metras
Rising From a Fall
David James
The Need For Art