Fall/Winter 2012

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Volume 14 Issue 2

June Frankland Baker
Around the start of WWII
Doug Bolling
Awash in it
Michael Casey
the distance to one’s wits’ end
Alan Cohen
My Lover Is Full of Miracles
Mike Crips
Song for Walt Whitman
Larry Crist
Ralph Culver
So Be It, To March
Mark DeCarteret
Talk Show:Louisa May Alcott
Gail DiMaggio
Monday Night in the Nursing Home
J.K Durik
War Story
Bill Glose
The Dead Aren’t Allowed to Walk
Joal Hetherington
the dove’s divorce
Pamela Laskin
D. Lifland
Nylah Lyman
The Negotiator
Sandra Marshburn
January Walk
Susan Maurer
Seed Bed
Janet McCann
What to Do with the Remains
Mary Ann Meade
Fat New Eraser, 1945
Susan Miller
Last-Minute Decisions
Perry Nicholas
Winter Boys
B.Z. Niditch
Tell Us
Korkut Onaran
Of Being in the Present
Richard Parisio
Eastern Morning
Warren Slesinger
Never Simple or Still
Steven Ray Smith
Dana Stamp II
Not Flag Worthy
Chrys Tobey
All I Know of Love, Digging a Hole
Parker Towle
The Dervishes
Edwina Trentham
At Twenty
Jean Tucker
Nothing in Here Is Real
Gabriel Welsch
Red in Tooth and Claw
Daniel Williams
Eclipse House
Yvonne Zipter
The Man Drinking Coffee alongside Kirchoff Road, Kissing the Long Face of a Greyhound
Chris Zuver
Early ’90s Haircut
Judith Hertog [Non-fiction Spotlight]