Fall/Winter 2015

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Volume 17 issue 2

Drew Attana
The Content is Irrelevant
Cheap Cigarettes
Gay Baines
Cold July
Lady with the Lamp
Stephanie Ann Baird
Observations Between 41 and 43
Jo Ann Baldinger
Grand Opera
Anthony Botti
Lot’s Confession
Bri Bruce
Laton Carter
They Were Both So Young and So Beautiful
Dorothy Chan
Paris, Hong Kong: A City Overlooking the 18th Century
Meridith Davies Hadaway
Karesansui (dry landscape)
My Mother’s Birds
Kennedy Drive
Alfred Encarnacion
Jersey Reds
Mike Faran
The Man in the Moon
J.A. Field
Old Black Crow
Elaine Frankonis
Her Grandmother’s Shoes
Jack Freeman
Koto Song
Window to an Island Being Washed Away
Carol Frith
Double Cone
Sphinx Moth
Marvin Glasser
Lori Gravely
Wind from the Sea
John Grey
The Chicken or the Egg
Margaux Griffith
Apple Cider
Alan Harawitz
Streets on Fire
Jack Hart
The Dogs of Carman’s Mill
At the Pond
Ivan Hobson
The First Hammer
Katharyn Howd Machan
Where I Won’t Go in February
Jean Howe
Irish Coffee
Lowell Jaeger
The Young Father
Most Valuable Possession
Becky Kennedy
John P. Kristofco
Sara E. Lamers
Such Distance
Martin H. Levinson
The Penitent Sea
James Mahon
Ode to
Ryan Mattern
The Whales of Everest
The Vicar’s Work
Susan H. Maurer
Richard the Third
Mark Mazzoli
Carla Ann McGill
Ezekiel Everill
The Pilgrim at the Ocean
Steve Meador
Front Range
Merci, Boudreau
James Mele
The Stud Barn
Sonnet Mondal
My Chained Faith
April and My Plastic Sunflowers
Vito Monti
Drummer’s Choice
John O’Dell
The Other Brother
Perfect Practice
Triin Paja
Sea Burial
Falling in Love with a Ghost Ship
Water Soluble
Alita Pirkopf
Traveling Through
Marilee Richards
The Girl in the Cage
Stephen R. Roberts
Parking Lot Memories
Carson Sawyer
Here You Go As I Have Gone
James Scruton
Herb Garden
Teresa Sutton
Recapturing Eden
James Valvis
My Sister Asks If I Still Waste Time Writing Poetry
Pain Is Weakness Leaving the Body
Will Walker
And Yet Good News
Jane O. Wayne
Not Much to Go on
The Slow Portrait
Diane Webster
Smelling Scented Candles
Not Too Far
Allen C. West
Earth Shrugs
Neal Whitman
In Need of Repair: in response to ‘Hunchback in the Park’
Scott Wordsman
You are not alone
Paula Anne Yup
The Man at the Takeout at Lanwi’s Curve
As If


Elena Botts
Anthony J. Mohr
The Candied Children
Deborah Trowbridge

Featured Poem

James Croal Jackson