Fall/Winter 2018

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Volume 20 issue 2

Jane Attanucci
It Wasn’t a Dream
Keith Aubrey
Les Bares
Chicken Dance
Old Men at McDonald’s
Alan Basting
Ashes at the Baldwin Airport
Mark Belair
practice pad
The Stranger
Toni Bennett
End of My Pole
Dick Bentley
Health Care
Lavina Blossom
Ghost Sheep
From the Near Dark
Doug Bolling
Joseph Buehler
Daniel Campion
Fom al-Haut
Fran Castan
Sunset Elegy
Susan Cavanaugh
All We’d Have
Fish Out of Water
Chet Corey
The Field
Daniel David
Flirted With Nurses
Ryan Davidson
Thin Lips, Because They’re Underused
Mark DeCarteret
Sea Scene
Adam Durso
First Wednesday
Michael Estabrook
Lana I. Ghannam
When They Found Mohammed Abu Khieder
Daniel Gleason
For Christopher
Jeff Graham
Moth 3
Eric Greenwell
Elliot Greiner
On Seeing a Neanderthal in the Natural History Museum
Eric Hyett
A Case of Autumn
Chris Innes
Skin by Schiele
Lowell Jaeger
Digging Deep
William Joel
Sonnet encounter
Casey Killingsworth
One morning Goodtime Steve sold me drugs in a high school hallway. Sorry, Mom
Joan Payne Kincaid
After the Holidays
Roselyn Kubek
Rosa Lane
Anatomy of an Ox-Eye
Charlene Langfur
A Day In 2018
Scott Lowery
More than Ready
Lisa Ludden
Katharyn Howd Machan
Dream: Storm, 2017
Mary Makofske
Trains of Thought
Libby Maxey
Getting to know our backyard birds
Because We Had to Use the Study for a Nursery
Rachel McGuinness
The Words in My Hands
Laurie Morrissey
The Tick
Julie Murphy
KG Newman
Shark Tunnel
Jimmie Pennington
Janice Miller Potter
A Vase on the Moon
Liz Rees
Snatched in the Nautilus Room
Paul Reyns
Ground Rules
Dead-End Florida Nights
Margaret Rogal
Schoolbus on a Mountain Road
Carla Schwartz
Anger Drops
Barry Silesky
The Woman I Always Dreamed
Joshua Michael Stewart
Long Distant Lovin’ Blues
Henry Stimpson
Sweetheart Restaurant Blues
Jill M. Talbot
If You Lived Here
J. Tarwood
Quest Motif in Uplistsikhe
Ken Tomaro
All of My Life
Vivian Wagner
Concussion Protocol: A Glosa
John Sibley Williams
The Least Least Thing
Catherine Young
Waters Silvered
Ellen Roberts Young

Creative Nonfiction

Karol Nielsen
Raising the Price of the House
Jesse Sensibar
Still Your Mother’s House