Spring/Summer 2001

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Volume 3 Issue 1
Susan Hogan
My Daughter’s Story
Sherman Pearl
What I Came For
Gary Hanna
Cafe Luna
Sherman Pearl
The Moon and Venus
Ron Hughes
Night Fishing
Xenia Argon
The Bridge at Duck Creek
Claire Ortalda
Reverie in Chlorine
Laverne Frith
Imagine Blue Ice
Anne E. Mullin
Great Blue
Sarah Kennedy
Driving Lessons
Jeremy Ward
reflections while hunting deer on a snowy afternoon
Joyce Nower
The Elgin Marbles
Alison Meyers
Red Angel’s Orphan
Peter Swanson
Romance Begun in Winter
Barry Ballard
Lake Superior
Alyssa A. Lappen
Frank Salvidio
Janet Baker
Van Gogh
James Finnegan
Stump Dump
John Azrak
Louis Phillips
Holding My Audience
Mary Jerzak
The Other Vagabond Sweetness
Sally Croft
Georgia O’Keeffe’s
Russell Libby
An Older Place
Stephanie Dickinson
Sheryl L. Nelms
Lilac Bouquets
Alexander Taylor
Overheard Among the Guerillas: 1
Denise Abercrombie
Hoe Cake
Joan Ellen Ketrys
Round as Vowels
Vera Schwarcz
The Grave of the Last Gentleman
Ren La Rosa
How to Speak a Little About Drowning