Spring/Summer 2007

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Volume 9 Issue 1
Alice Ahrens Williams
For Hugh Ogden
Diana Anhalt
Lucille G. Shulklapper
Rhythm and Blues in the Nursing Home
Carol Kanter
Mourning Ritual
Becky D. Sakellariou
Sweet Hunger
Barry Ballard
the last Hour of an Intersection
Donna Pucciani
Writing a Poem
Ruben T. Abeyta
Dali Revisited
Wendi M. Lee
Becky D. Sakellariou
The Spaces in Water
Steve Straight
Simon Perchik
Lolita Stewart-White
Cadillac Man
Shari O’Brien
The Columns
Steffen Horstmann
Vanessa Kittle
For all that which can not be Held
Leticia Luna
Septiembre Negro
B.Z. Niditch
Summer House, Winter House
Wally Swist
Breaking Open Garlic
Lauren Johnson
The Warmweight
Ray Greenblatt
A Sweater After Death
Brad Buchanan
Villanelle for the Headstrong and Heartbroken
Tony Tracy
Without Notice
R.S. Carlson
Brad Buchanan
Nick Conrad
Wheat Harvest
Lolita Stewart-White
Shari O’Brien
Our Father
Laura Madelina Wiseman
crisis line handbook #2
Donna Pucciani
Crooked Woman
Mary Ann Meade
Poor Box, 1934
James Doyle
The Abbey Chants
Steve Straight
The Next-to-Last Poem
Leticia Luna
En El Rio, Una Mujer
A Woman in the River
Noel Conneely
Also the Tulips
Marion Kaplun Shipiro
Your Last November
Diana Anhalt
Negative Space
Becky D. Sakellariou
Smooth the Edges
Carol Kanter
John Fitzpatrick
Black Madonna of Newark
Lucille G. Shulklapper
Dean Rader
Talking Points for Love Poem (light)
Fragments on Love One Day before my 37th Birthday
Lochianina Tbey
when the flood covered her face
Lynn Veach Sadler
Son of my Mother
Michael Fisher
David Simpson
Heaven’s Lexicon
Laverne Frith
Diabetic Foot
Carol Frith
Lapis Music Box
Lochianina Tobey
Politica del Carciofo
Allison Joseph
A Poet’s Alphabet
Seamstress, 1946
Sandra Cookson
Anne Johnson Mullin
The Shape of Trees