Spring/Summer 2008

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Volume 10 Issue 1
Bill Clark
A walk in the woods
Frank Salvidio
Julia Meylor Simpson
Chasing Cather
David Salner
Florsheims in A Flea Market On All Saints Ave
Julia Meylor Simpson
The Student Reads a Poem by Auden
Lucille G. Shulklapper
Shannon Cullen
Glassworks Sonney
M.S. Rooney
Winds of Skara Brae, Orkney
Vivienne Woodhead
Home Thoughts from the Keys
Frank Salvidio
“In My Mind’s Eye”
M.S. Rooney
These Small Shorings–
Shannon Pearl
On The Way Down
Becky D. Sakellariou
The Avocado
Paul B. Roth
Dreaming of Eating with Cezanne
Marion Kaplun Shipiro
Editing It Down
Atoosa S. Grey
The Irises
David Salner
The Howling Disease
Eileen Malone
Let Her Have Him Back
Carol Kanter
The Need to Know
At the Readng of Her Will
Allison Joseph
“Widow’s Weeds”
Julia Paul
Little Round Top, gettysburg, 2007
Sherman Pearl
The Lethal G ame of Dodge Ball
Julia Paul
Russell Rowland
My ADHD God-Child
Lyn Lifshin
Some Afternoons When Nobody Was Fighting
Estrella del Valle
Mil Norman-Risch
The House, The Marriage: How We Knew
James Doyle
Alaska, Summer
Corrine DeWinter
Sheryl Woods
Falling Stars