Spring/Summer 2012

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Volume 14 Issue 1



Keith Alexander
Benjamin Balthaser
The Tenant
Donna Barkman
The World Is Hidden Within You
Kristen Bock
Dear Anchoress
Larsen Bowker
Cooney’s Garden
Joseph Buehler
Mark Burke
I Wish I Had Asked
Stephen Campiglio
Old Philadelphia
Mary Crow
Pure White
Phillip Dacey
Triolet for the Hiroshima Photo Exhibit
Holly Day
Anthony DeGregorio
Another Window View
Darren Dermaree
Or Refuge
Ken DiMaggio
In the Kitchen (3)
Sharon Doyle
Elsewhere, in Another Language
Lisa Ericson
This Island
Michael Estabrook
my Grandfather haunts me
David Allan Evans
Watching Bull Riders
Michael A. Flanagan
Jessica Furtado
Lust in Lab B
Daniel Gallick
Middle Class Poetic Lives
Ronald Gower
Trout Dreams
John Grey
The Big Question Plus Bass Clarinet
Patricia L. Hamilton
George Held
Apple and Moon
Peycho Kanev
About the Crisis
Sandra Kolankiewicz
A Poet in the Room
Lyn Lifshin
Bernice Abbott
Nancy Carol Moody
The Phantom Arm
Constance Norgren
Desk Under the Stairs
Michael D. Riley
You Could Look (It) Up
Susan Shafarzek
Groundhog Day
Karen Skolfield
Give You Green
Hala Kahiki
Marc Swan
And we think we understand
Wally Swist
Lillo Way
The Loonies
Alex Yuschik
The Sweetheart
James Zimmerman

Poetry Contest

Carol Frith [1st Place]
Star Jasmine
Mark Wagenaar [2nd Place]
A Brief History of Desire (Homage to Celan)
W. F. Lantry [3rd Place]
Donna Barkman [Honorable Mention]
Cooking Lesson
Barbara Ford [Honorable Mention]
Found. Lost
Carol Frith [Honorable Mention]
A City in the Heat
Edward Minus [Honorable Mention]
House Calls
Beth Paulson [Honorable Mention]
Barrett Warner [Honorable Mention]
Midnight Sailors
My Lover Suspects I Have a Wife
Skipping Stones
Jacob Edwards [Fiction Spotlight]