Spring/Summer 2015

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Volume 17 issue 1

Jeffrey Alfier
The Sun Well Set
Maria Luisa Arroyo
La Finca de Tabaco: The Tobacco Farm, 1951
Nan Becker
If a wren knows not of death
Mark Belair
New England
Anthony Botti
Middlefield, 7.14.12
Mark Broeske
Joseph Buehler
A Green Meadow Cell
Charles Cantrell
Untying the Knot
Jo-Anne Cappeluti
Window Seat
Her Father, Dying in Ohio
Jacob Chapman
Time on Your Hands
Nicholas Michael Clark
Puddle Moon
Douglas Cole
Ralph Culver
Douglas K. Currier
Suddenly, strawberries
The sun is shining
Frank De Canio
Summery Summation
Hollie Dugas
Elusive Souvenirs
Adam Durso
Jennifer L. Freed
Knife Thrower
How to Love Your Teenage Daughter
Laura Glenn
Bill Glose
Mural in Reverse
David Gross
Rubber Guns
Janet Hagelgans
Hantush, Iraq, 2003
Lisa Hartz
Study of Lillia, Carolus-Duran, 1887
Lowell Jaeger
It’s a Thirsty World
Susan Johnson
Helping Grandma Move
Old Barn
Laura M. Kaminski
At the Sink
Ellen LaFleche
Credo for things that crack and break
Paul Lamar
For Ethel
Charlene Langfur
Trying to Get Back on the Path
I Think We Can Rescue Ourselves
Daniel J. Langton
Lyn Lifshin
Marilyn Tries to Remember the Bedroom She Had When She Was Nine
Nights It Was Too Hot to Stay in the Apartment
Carol Lischau
There Must Have Been a Cause
Ted Lord
I want
Peter Ludwin
Morning at Lake Leo
Brian McCarty
Imaginary Friends
Dimitri McCloghry
Sandy McCord
Sunflowers in London
Joyce Meyers
John N. Miller
Missing, In Action
Greg Moglia
Budapest… Vienna… Prague
Robert Nazarene
The Antonym of Abraham Lincoln
Patty Dickson Pieczka
Trade Winds
Michael Poage
Scottish Sonnet
‘Being Zeus’
Suzanne Rhodenbaugh
The Dying Man Visit
Nicholas Roos
Love Cells
Yosef Rosen
Too Far Gone
Eric Roy
Dropping In
Scott Ruescher
On a Chicken Bus in Guatemala
Doug Rutledge
Richard Schiffman
Boys and Branches
Matthew J. Spireng
Civil War Ancestor
Adam Stengel
Sokunthary Svay
Marc Swan
Last Leg of the Journey
Eugenie Juliet Theall
John Urban
Marty Walsh
Bedtime Story
Will Walton
Robert N. Watson
Steven Winn
Desert Petroglyphs
Laryssa Wirstiuk
Bodega Mangoes
Barry Yeoman
Arc of the Sun

Poetry Contest Winners

Matthew J. Spireng [First Place]
Good Work
Beth Paulson [Second Place]
Each Life Converges to Some Centre
Diana Wolfe Larkin [Third Place]
I Walk in the Gentle Wood

Fiction Spotlight

Deborah S. Prespare
No Weight

Featured Poem

Marian K. Shapiro