Spring/Summer 2016

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Volume 18 issue 1

Keith Aubrey
Marc Berman
Pajamas at Noon
Carl Boon
Emmy Peters
Woman with Cake
Charles Butterfield
Richard Carr
Julia Crane
Her Climate
Contemplating Anorexia
KayLee Davis
Holly Day
Dew-Damp and Sap-Scented
Timothy DeJong
Holding Pattern
Darren Demaree
Nude Male with Echo #115
Richard Dinges, Jr.
Deborah H. Doolittle
Lorine Niedecker upon Touching a Milkweed
Claude Monet’s Road to La Cavee, Pourville
George Drew
Hippocrates in Albany Medical Center
Wendy Drexler
If There’s Nothing
The Book of Apology
House Cricket
Laura English
In the Center
Brittany Evans
Craig Evenson
Brian Fanelli
Robert Fillman
Frozen Fields
Carol Frith
Believable Legacies
Laverne Frith
Things We Leave Behind
Bloomings and Beyond
Janet Hagelgans
Eavesdropping on a Police Scanner During the Looting
Yvonne Higgins Leach
Behind the Poplars
The Clock Key
Marianna Hofer
All Those Small Domestic Scenes We Imagine Could Fail Us
Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois
Cruise Encounter
Len Kuntz
Men on New Year’s Eve
Charlene Langfur
Everything that Rises
Michael Lauchlan
After the Last Notes
Courtney LeBlanc
Category Five
Lyn Lifshin
In the Negatives
George Looney
With a Pint & Good Company
This Lapse Between Clouds
A Voice the Bandon Would Recognize
Peter Ludwin
A Reckoning
Richard Luftig
Along the Finger Lakes
Jenny McBride
Peter Mladinic
Andrea Moorhead
Fukushima forgets
Jed Myers
The Temperature
Suzanne O’Connell
Eavesdropping on the Train
Laurie Patton
Simon Perchik
Inside the Earth an Earth
Thomas Pescatore
Bear Mtn
Kenneth Pobo
Wandawoowoo’s Plate
Stephen R. Roberts
Moon Jam
David Rosenheim
The Sound of a Fountain in Mexico City
Matthew J. Spireng
Old Man Eckert
Rodney Torreson
After Your Tour with Dylan, You Finger the Strings, Lucinda Williams, and Sing ‘Lake Charles’
Emily Wall
Leaving Egypt
Helen Wickes
Early Light, Breaking
John Zedolik
Hanging Out

Poetry Contest Winners

Meghan DePeau [First Place]
Listen up, girl
Neal Whitman [Second Place]
Paying Tribute
Marian Kaplun Shapiro [Third Place]
(on the telephone)

Fiction Spotlight

Paul Milenski

Featured Poem

Deborah H. Doolittle
The Mountain Dreams of Poets