Spring/Summer 2017

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Volume 19 issue 1

Shani Abramowitz
Sunshine Boy
Terry Allen
There Was No Need to Run off to Join the Circus
Jonathan Andersen
Space-time Is Curved, Bounded but Infinite
Robert Avery
Tranche de Vie
No Angel
Noah Bennet
A Brief Biography of the Last Roller-Skating Waitress
Ace Boggess
My Story
Kathy Butterworth
You unzip your mind
Abby Caplin
Naiad’s Den
Stewie the Neighbor’s Borderline Squirrel
Jay Carson
Only Connect
The Echoes of Wind Gap
T. Clear
How to Burn an Ex-Lover’s Poems
Darren Demaree
You Don’t Have to Die Well for Me #52
Gail DiMaggio
Flash and the Land o’ Lakes Girl
Kristen Elde
Layover Season
Jennifer L. Freed
Dry Season
Climbing out of a Well
Bill Glose
Behind the Curtain
Jonathan Greenhause
Our History Moves in Waves
Next Time,
Jim Gustafson
Carol Hamilton
Useless Information
Danielle Hanson
Ben Heins
Texting, Pre-First Date
William Hilary
Last Minute Revisions
Unpolished Stone
Elizabeth Hitchcock
Mastering the Divine
Maisie Houghton
Love Poem
Seth Jani
Curriculum Vitae
Susan Johnson
Forget Ten and Two
It’s the Same Life
Claire Keyes
First Job/Sixteen
Mary Louise Kiernan Hagerdon
The Un-Wedding
Andrew Kuhn
At the Sluice
Lee Landau
Didn’t You Ever
Sam Lane
Better than dogs
Samantha Lê
Summer Sale
Sidney Lee
in time
Laurie Lessen-Reiche
The Zeus I Loved
Kevin J. McDaniel
Burn Out
Scott McDaniel
The Lament of the Stanley 33-425 Powerlock 25-Foot by 1-Inch Measuring Tape at Having Been Chosen that Fateful Day
My Affair
Gary Metras
Isola Bella
Irene Mitchell
Tom Montag
Speed-reading Early James Tate
Early Spring
Ann Niedringhaus
Robert Nisbet
The Impresarios
Bibhu Padhi
Summer, Dhenkanal
Charles Rammelkamp
Elizabeth Rees
The Origins of Capitalism
Bicycle Thief
Louise Robertson
Virginia Smith Rice
Into the Crowded Sky (Affect, Affliction)
Chris Souza
Joseph Stern
We Work to Keep a Constant Flow of Goods
Henry Stimpson
Mechanical Garage Dirge
Allison Taylor
Get Home Safe, Darlin’
Home Schooling
David Thornbrugh
We’ll Always Have Paris
Barbara Tramonte
Should I Care
Native New Yorker
Emily M. Trask
The Mistake that Water Made
The Drying Wrack
Jay Udall
Lost Feather, Little Wing
Kari Wergeland
D.C. Wiltshire
A.D. Winans
Back from an MRI
Liu Ying
Nest of Love
Joseph Zaccardi
Girl with Mandolin

Poetry Contest Winners

Elton Glaser — First Place
The Fifties, from the Back Row
Janet Reed — Second Place
Toughs: A Pantoum to Third-Grade
Charles Atkinson — Third Place
Allen Tullos — Honorable Mention
The Dream of Calibration
Anna Mullen — Honorable Mention
Oshodi Birds
Matthew J. Spireng — Honorable Mention
Roberta Marggraff — Honorable Mention

Fiction Spotlight

Oonagh C. Doherty
Working Class Cred
Celia Hameury
The Dollhouse