Patrick Donnelly announces the 2017 Poetry Contest Winners


1st Place: Elton Glaser, “The Fifties, from the Back Row” 

“This poem delighted me with the assured way it talks, with its wit, its long and sensually specific memory, and its deep understanding of how public and private cultures exist in contradiction.”

2nd Place: Janet Reed, “Toughs: A Pantoum to the Third-Grade”

“Read aloud, this poem has a gorgeous mouth-feel, seeming to channel Gerald Manley Hopkins’ way of making strong, sharp music with words and syntax, as it describes the serious awfulness of childhood.”

3rd Place: Charles Atkinson, “Less”

“This poem touched me very much with its intimate, painful account of one person caring for another whose body is failing. The speaker’s gaze is steady, tender, alert to the human poetry of the encounter.

Honorable Mentions: Roberta Marggraff, “Arcade”; Allen Tullos, “The Dream of Calibration”; Anna Mullen, “Oshodi Birds”; Matthew Spireng, “Haunted.”

Thank you to everyone who sent us poems and to this year’s judge, Patrick Donnelly.

These poems will be published in our Spring/Summer issue, coming out soon!  For details on how to order it, see our blog.